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Quality for 70 years

Top quality has been guaranteed for 70 years by our own production of seasonal plants.
For the sake of the environment, we operate integrated crop protection with the use of beneficial substances for healthy, growing plants.

A special service is a detailed signage of our articles in the greenhouse.

One of our strengths is the planting and pre-cultivation of summer balcony boxes.

A display board for easier selection is available.

Of course we also offer an appropriate delivery service.

Our friendly staff comes from the region and we are committed to maintaining jobs.

Grave design and care

If you wish, we can also take over the complete maintenance of the graves with casting work.
Individual arrangements for the memorial days can be arranged with us.
Please ask us in the shop for the corresponding costs.

Care tips for cut flowers

Cut your flowers diagonally with a sharp knife before placing them in water.
Do not use scissors because the plant capillaries can be squeezed.
Use a vase without soap residues with fresh, lukewarm water.
Add a nutrient pack to the floral water.
Place your flowers close to the heating or in the sun and protect them from draughts.


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